The latest major occasion from Third Time Games and brought to you by Magic Eden, featuring a high stakes horse racing event for all of you beautiful, degenerate crypto gamblers.

20 DAOS. 20 Horses. 1 Champion. Are you ready for the Degen Derby? It all starts on November 25th at 5 PM ET and you can catch all the action RIGHT HERE.

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Join us on November 25th  at 5 PM ET and watch 20 DAOs compete with Photo Finish Live horses they purchase from our community to become the ultimate web3 degenerates. Yes, it’s like the Kentucky Derby combined with the thrill of a pumping chart. But wait, there’s more!

This race won’t be a spectator sport…viewers will also be able to get into the action as WAGERING will be available on our platform for the Degen Derby, meaning YOU can place bets on the event! 


See you at the Degen Derby!


November 25th, (that’s Black Friday, but you weren’t planning on shopping…right?)

Undercard races begin at 5 PM ET. The Degen Derby Pre-Show begins at 6:30 PM ET and our main event runs at 7 PM ET.


Watch right here at or on Magic Eden’s Twitch page –  AND

You can also find more information on our social media pages. 

Because it’s fun to watch virtual horses race. Because there’s bragging rights on the line. Because there’s PRIZE MONEY to be announced. Because SOMETHING BIG might happen and you could get on a WL for it!


Interested in competing in the Degen Derby? 

Fill out an application form for consideration here.


DeStables DAO

Boryoku Dragons

Bōryoku DragonZ



Degenerate Ape

Knights of Degen

Galactic Geckos

Reptilian Renegades

Sea Shanties

Own The Moment

Astro Kongs

Magic DAO

East Coast Stables

The Fracture


Catalina Whale Mixer


Degenerate Trash Pandas

The Syndicate/Elio

Catch King

Liberty Square

Something big is coming! 👀

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Who knows, maybe we’ll even drop some alpha hints…like something coming after the Degen Derby?